Summer courses provide plenty of options for students

Marisa Roper

MCC offers a wide range of summer courses for students at both the Red Mountain and Southern and Dobson campus.Course can be taken online or at either of the two campuses depending on the course availability and what the student may need.

Corky Palacios, an advisor at the Red Mountain campus said that there are many advantages to taking a course over the summer and students should definitely take advantage of them.

It’s a good way for students to get ahead and fill the prerequisites that are needed, Palacios said.

Gia Ciancanelli, an MCC student and summer session advocate, has taken these sessions two summers in a row and said she would recommend other students take them as well.

“They only tell you what you need to know, they cut out the extra material. It’s worth it,” Ciancanelli said.

There are two summer sessions available, with the first starting June 1 and the second on July 7.

The courses will last five to eight weeks depending on the structure of the class and can go for as little as two hours a day.

Palacios said there are many reasons to take a summer class aside from just getting ahead.

If students have the time, they can accelerate their education through these classes.

“It’s also a good way to catch up or to speed up students educations,” Palacios said.

Enrollment started March 23 and will continue after the spring semester is over. The eight-week session goes from June 1 to July 23.

The first five-week session will start the same time and will end July 2 while the second five-week session will begin July 7 and end Aug. 6.

More information can be found at Advisement or on the MCC Web site.

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