MCC Muslim club seeks to dispel harsh stereotypes

Andrew Wild

There has been a stigma surrounding Muslims in the United States. Many Muslims can feel like outsiders, even if born and raised here. The Muslim Student’s Association, an MCC student club, has set out with the goal of educating the student body on Muslim culture and society. “We want to get rid of the stereotypes and make our presence known on campus in a good way,” Mohamud Aynab, vice president of the Muslim Student’s Club, said.

“The club has maybe about 50 members, and it’s growing. This is the first semester in years that they have decided to become active,” said Lutfi Hussein, English professor and Muslim from Jordan. “They have drafted a constitution and elected club officers.”

“The main goal is to educate people, but we also want to provide a space for Muslims to practice their religion and not be afraid,” Hussein said. “We are optimistic and hopeful that this club will be a strong positive influence. We want people to get active, and feel comfortable on campus, regardless of religion.”

The club meets Mondays at noon in the Yaqui Room of the Kirk Center. Anyone can come, whether to ask questions or just to hang out.

“We don’t want to push our religion on anyone. You don’t have to be Muslim to be a member. We just want to be a productive part of the community here,” Aynab said.


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