College grads: Indentured servants ammasing debt

Jeff Moses

When did it become OK for a 21 year old to graduate college with a bachelor’s degree $2,000 in debt?

The cost of getting a college education has gotten completely out of control to the point that Michael Crowe the president of Arizona State university has admittedly modeled his school after the for-profit Apollo Group Colleges.

The cost of getting an education forces students to make financial decisions that in many cases ensure that they will become indentured servants to Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citi-Bank or a whole slew of other  national banks.

The colleges and universities of America are clearly colluding with the banks to essentially bankrupt American students and force us into servitude.

Our parents became slaves to the banks when they purchased homes; an essential human right called shelter became a multi-thousand dollar business decision.

Then in the banks haste to plunge deep into the next generation’s pockets, the colleges jacked up the tuition rates, and the banks stepped up to add a helping hand at 15 percent interest.

Some would say that if you save your money wisely, and work a full time job there is no reason why a student should even need student loans. Well here is the problem.

If a full time college student takes 12 credit hours per week with an hour worth of homework per credit hour that’s a 24 hour school week, along with putting in 40 hours a week at a job that puts a student in a 64-hour work week.

Furthermore depending on the job a student is able to pull, which many times are menial jobs like food service and retail this 64 hour work week may only be paying for rent, school, and possibly a car, but what about health insurance? What about sustenance?

I understand why a good “work ethic” is a good thing but the cost of education seems a bit excessive.

For Arizonans to add insult to injury the Legislature is considering a bill that would make it so all of Arizona’s college students have to pay $2,000 out of pocket toward their education.

No grant or scholarship can cover the amount, so essentially in Arizona if you don’t have $2,000 when you graduate high school you don’t deserve to go to college, or of course there is always the option to take out a loan.

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