Connect 4 Success

Ben Garcia

In an effort to increase the retention rate, MCC implemented a new mentoring program called Connect 4 Success.

The data compiled from the Fall ’11 semester, the programs first semester, show positive results.

According to the data, 76 percent of participants in the Connect 4 Success program reenrolled in class at MCC this spring compared to only 59 percent of student not in the mentoring program.

Connect 4 Success is a way for students who are enrolled in one or more developmental education classes to connect with an MCC faculty member.

These mentorships are a way to provide students with mentor who will be to help students with many different aspect of college life said Janet Felton, executive assistant at MCC.

“Helping them (the students participating in Connect 4 Success) to navigate through out the college system,” Felton said is “one way to tackle the challenge of college completion for students.”

Felton also mentioned that Connect 4 Success is not MCC’s only mentoring program saying that students who are looking for a mentorship program to fit their needs should see herself or Jennifer Moore for further assistance

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