About 12 million illegal immigrants live in the United States.

It is understandable why unqualified and illegal immigrants are less than unwanted.

They don’t pay taxes, but take advantage of Social Security whenever the need of it occurs.

That is one of the reasons this country has an immigration system; not only to protect the labor market from unqualified workers.

In order to remain the most dominant country in the world, America provides opportunities to qualified and educated people.

Julija Kaselyte
Julija Kaselyte

However, the immigration process for those people is more painful than one may think because you have to prove that you can actually be beneficial.

As an international student myself, I came here to seek an education. I consider myself as a potential immigrant, but for now, the road to the final destination, name green card, seems long and in shambles.

To begin with, there are tons of restrictions even when you are just a foreign student.

You pay out-of-state tuition, which is extremely expensive, so you must have a source of income.

You can’t earn much money because foreign students are only allowed to work on campus part time.

If you can’t afford to pay for college, you are forced to get loans.

Then there’s another problem how to give that huge amount of money back to banks when the time comes.

But if you get a degree and your level of patience is sufficient, don’t rush back to your home country.

You find a job and if your employer is willing to file all the immigration documents, you can stay in the country on a work visa.

But, again, there are certain cons to this. While you don’t have a green card, you are unable to change the job, you can’t leave the country more than a few times a year, and the visa has to constantly be updated.

To get a green card you have to “meet quota”, which means that you wait “in line” for a long time, because there is a certain amount of qualified specialists that America lets in per year.

Depending on which country you are from, sometimes the process may take five years, sometimes even longer.

Make sure your nerve system can handle it.

Mesa Legend Staff

Mesa Legend Staff

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