(Photo by Monica D. Spencer)

Mesa Community College to celebrate first-generation students

Mesa Community College will host an annual celebration of first-generation college students from Nov. 7-10 by providing free panels, social events, workshops and resources to MCC students, over half of whom are the first in their family to get a higher level education.

Each day of the celebration will have its own focus and theme. 

Self care on Monday, Nov. 7 will include a meditation session followed by a screening of the film “In the Heights”. 

Resources on Tuesday, Nov. 8, Success skills on Wednesday Nov. 9, and STEM on Thursday, Nov. 10, will all feature an array of panels and workshops about student life and campus resources. 

A full schedule of events at both MCC campuses can be found on the college’s website.

First-generation week events at MCC are the result of Title V federal funding that supports the college’s Students and Employees Nurtured & Developed for Academic Success project, known as SENDAS. 

The project supports the college’s mission to retain students, ensure graduation, and establish scholarship and transfer opportunities. 

The college says that the SENDAS plans to “to elevate the experience and outcomes of diverse learners at MCC”.

The diversity of first-generation college students has been celebrated nationally since Nov. 8 to signify the 1965 signing of the Higher Education Act, which continues to provide resources for marginalized communities through the way of federal grants and loans.


  • Rey Covarrubias Jr.

    Rey Covarrubias Jr. is a freelance reporter for the Mesa Legend. As a lifelong Arizonan, he has found his passion in learning and sharing the diverse cultural and natural wonders of the state.