Now you don’t need to wait for the new released movies and videos to watch. Instead, you can simply download the movie streaming app on your device and can enjoy watching at any time. There are many movie streaming apps developed for Android device, which offers the best family kids movies with genres like Comedy, adventures, animated and more.

Ways to watch movies on Android Smartphone using Free Apps

Everybody loves to watch movies as it entertainment us with the character in it, but it is more interesting when we get to watch movies for free. Yes, there are free movie Showbox streaming apps for the android device that will allow you to watch movies for free. Check out the some of the Showbox alternatives for free movie streaming apps for Android below.

1. Cinemabox

Cinemabox is simply great for watching movies as well as videos. This Android app is available for free, what so amazing about this app is, being free it still update all the new released movies regularly. It has great downloading and access speed that will enable you to watch and download your favorite movies within less time.

2. Flipps TV App

Flipps TV app is one of the best apps for watching movies on your Android device. It is good design features high-quality features and enables you to create the list movies that you had a watch. Downloading it, you can totally watch movies for free, as well as listen to the music for free. It offers its users with more than 100 TV channels and channels for all kind of videos including Hollywood and Bollywood.

3. Showbox App

Showbox online movie streaming for PC is another free app for watching Movies and videos on your Android device. This app continuously adds newly released movies and TV shows. IT includes many reality shows and reality videos in its database. Therefore it allows you to watch and download all kind of movies and videos from its content.

4. Hubi App

If you love to watch movies without signing up and subscribing, then I will suggest you go for Hubi app. This free movie app for android included all kind of popular shows and movies on its content. Downloading it, you can easily stream and watch your favorite movies and videos as it has got friendly interface features, which make easy for even the first users to use it.

These are some of the free movie streaming apps for Android, which will allow you to watch and download all kind of movies and videos on your Android device. So download one of these listed apps on your Android device and start enjoying your free time watching your favorite movies and videos.

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