Breaking Down Best Mountain Bikes

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Breaking Down Best Mountain Bikes

The increasing obsession of the young generation towards mountain biking in these recent years has been on the rise. This has propelled bike manufacturers to develop specialized bike designs and tune their performance accordingly to appeal to the audience and the nuanced market. Many such mountain bikes have popped up and selected a perfect model that suits your needs can be a headache weather to upgrade to sophisticated models or just opt for a normal mountain bike that delivers good performance lesser than a flagship model.

There are plenty of things to consider before buying one such model one needs to thoroughly investigate. From the basic stand over the structure to the suspension system and other performance tweaks. Also, it depends upon the rider’s priority as some downhill players may opt for an advanced suspension system while a casual mountain biker or newbies may require a solid option for a weekend outing to the highs. Hence, let’s look at two of the mountain bikes reviewed by fitnexty team.

Pick the best:

  • Santa Cruz Hightower Carbon 29R Complete: A perfect match for both experts and newbies in the sport having got an impressive performance and aggressive for a rugged terrain. With a cost of $4,000, it’s for the ones who love handling high speeds and experience a calm climb. Boasting a 29-inch wheel that is complemented with carbon rims offers great precision with 140 millimeters of front travel. Coming with lower speeds to its counterparts, it’s still an exciting model with the ability to sustain countryside abuse fitting it to the endure category. The carbon fiber model makes for a great ride quality and a good durability with the lower price tag.
  • Specialised Fuse Comp 6Fattie: Credited as the best hardtail mountain bike, this model stands out for the individuals who looking to up their game with good quality bikes. Priced around $1,500 for its performance is a good deal. The hardtail versus full suspension debate has always been a controversial argument in the field of mountain biking. It has got a good relaxed body with equal part speed and efficiency that is required on climbs and descents. With its 37.5+ tires that compensate for the rear suspension tackles obstacles with utter ease. It has got SRAM 11-speed NX drivetrain that is complemented by the premium lightweight aluminum frame. The company traditionally has got best mountain bike reviews climbing ease and perfect handling. With an affordable price, it may just take the deal to be more lucrative.

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