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The Mesa Legend is the official student newspaper of Mesa Community College and is published biweekly. The Legend is a member of the Arizona Newspaper Association, the Associated Collegiate Press and College Media Advisers, Inc.

Editorial Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Kian Hagerman namregahnaik@gmail.com
Web Editor: Adam Dangerfield adamgdangerfield@gmail.com
Copy Editor: Adella Helton helkittee406@gmail.com
Features Editor: Kathryn Yslas katiejoys123@gmail.com
News Editor: Joshua Bowling  keith.whittemore@yahoo.com
Up to Date Editor: Nikki Waldmann  nikki.wald@yahoo.com
Cartoonist: Sebastian Miguel sebastian@sebastianmiguel.com
Opinions Editor: Karlyle Stephens karlylestephens@gmail.com
Sports Editor: Alli Cripe allicripe@gmail.com
Faculty Adviser: Jack Mullins jackm@mesacc.edu
Photo Editor: Tania Ritko  tany_gm@hotmail.com









About Author

These are archived stories from Mesa Legend editions before Fall 2018. See article for corresponding author.

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