Norton Antivirus Free Download And Its Two Variants

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Norton Antivirus Free Download And Its Two Variants

Since Norton is the most powerful and secured antivirus today for any system, it has millions of users. In order to rope in more potential customers, Norton gives free of cost trial to users for one month. If the customer is ratified by the software, he may purchase the one year subscription from Norton and the pack will be activated. So, Norton antivirus free download simply means this only; the trial version and not the premium or deluxe full 1 year version. The one year service is a paid service. Either a customer can purchase the software online from Norton`s official webpage or either he can purchase it from local retail store.

The Norton antivirus comes in two variants. One is the Norton antivirus premium version while the other is the Norton deluxe version. The deluxe version is the advanced and latest version being brought in by Norton. It doesn’t imply that the premium version is not good. Both the variants of Norton render 100% security and both of them are equally successful in combating internet threats but still the deluxe version has an upper hand. So now we look at the benefits both the versions.

Norton Security Premium and its benefits

  • A free 30 day trial is given on the premium version of Norton. All the security features of Norton are included in this version for the user to assess the antivirus
  • It an advanced and full antivirus protection for all your devices like windows, smartphone, mac, iphone etc.
  • Detection and neutralization of online internet threats.
  • Secures the privacy of family. With advance features, online surfing can also be monitored using the software.
  • It also has the unique ”kids feature” which makes the kids use the internet safely and keeps adults site blocked and at bay with children
  • Has the feature of automatically backing up data on windows PC.
  • An online customer help and phone support is there to resolves issues

Norton Security Deluxe

Since the deluxe version is the advanced version, it has some over the edge features. The programmers have instilled some out and out exceptional features in this version. Here are they:

  • Protection of PC, android smartphone, iphone, Mac devices with just one single subscription
  • With the award winning technology, the antivirus alerts the user of all the unsafe or suspected software before installation.
  • Cleans up the entire hard drive from all the junk files, trash data and frees up the entire storage space
  • Protects the user from all the social media scams. This is perhaps one of the best features in the deluxe version since social media websites are plagued with too many malware and hackers. So it renders full security from all hackers.
  • Ceases not only threats of today but also of tomorrow.
  • It also blocks and neutralizes infected downloaded files before they hack or corrupt the system
  • To give ride of their services, Norton has given a full 30 day trial version with no obligations.

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