Celebrity death is more than just a headline

Kristina Haney

In the wake of multiple celebrity deaths, I find myself quite emotional.

I didn’t cry when Paul Walker died or when Cory Monteith overdosed, but it made me think.

Why do we get so upset when people we have never met died?

Our generation has seen a lot of death in Hollywood.

Be it old age, accidents or suicide, we have all gotten upset when someone we idolize passes away.

Maybe we get upset because it is a cruel reminder that we can all die at anytime and we may not get a warning.

Celebrities that die from accidental overdoses, like Heath Ledger, probably never meant to do it at any point but they are still gone.

It is just hard to believe that someone so talented and young can be gone in an instant.

Certain celebrities did not attract as much grief and sadness when they passed, probably due to their history, but losing anyone is a sad event and should not be made fun of.

When drug addicted celebrities, or even common people die from their poison of choice, the population is quick to make comments about how they should have known what could happen.

Why is it so hard for people to just be sad and not make any judgments?

Celebrities are in the limelight for basically every step they make.

People are so interested in their daily routines, but when that person dies, they get so upset when tabloids and television stations exploit the hell out their life.

But didn’t you want to know everything about them when they were alive?

We need to understand that some people get attached to movie characters and the people that portray them not only because of the way the person looks, but because of who they portrayed and the way it made them feel.

Maybe it is a psychological thing as to why people are so upset when a celebrity dies.

The first celebrity that I was upset about dying was a guitar player, Dimebag Darrell, from Pantera.

He was shot and killed at a concert by an attendant.

I was pretty young when this happened, maybe 10 or 11, but it was a hard day for me because their music was something I enjoyed with my dad.

The moral of the story is that we get upset about celebrity deaths because we admire them.

Amy Winehouse may not have been the best role model, but she created amazing music and it was a tragedy that she passed so early in her life.

People are people and even if they are famous, death is no laughing matter. They are idolized for a reason and losing that can be hard for someone.

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