MCC’s Southern and Dobson art gallery converted into a showroom for student and faculty creations during the last art department holiday sale. (Photo courtesy of Eric Fernandez)

Art department’s holiday sale returns

For the first time in two years, the Mesa Community College art department will host their free holiday sale on Dec. 1 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m on the Southern and Dobson campus.

Held in both in the art gallery and the art department building, the returning event offers MCC students, staff and faculty the exclusive opportunity to sell their handmade creations to shoppers in search of holiday gifts. 

MCC artists can still apply for a table to display and sell their work, keeping the entirety of their sales. 

“The Holiday Art Sale came about during an art department meeting in which we were talking about the [MCC] Spring Festival of the Arts and what a good opportunity it was for students to make money selling their art,” said Gingher Leyendecker, chair of MCC’s art department

Leyendecker and the rest of the art department set out to create a similar event for the Winter holiday season, giving another opportunity for students and staff to sell their art and network with other MCC artists of all experience levels.

“The Holiday Art Sale is the perfect place to test or soft launch most products since we have such a diverse community showing up to the events,” said Drew Witcher, an artist and art department staff member who attended the last event.

For MCC artists like Witcher, an event like the holiday sale gives them important experience to practice salesmanship, but he also noted that,  “there is also no need to sell anything. If you simply want to show work or demo, these events are a great setting to do that.” Witcher added.

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