Campus parking chaos

Alli Cripe
MesaCC Legend

‘The early bird gets the worm,’ is the saying for those who want to get things done.  The same could be said for scoring a parking spot on Mesa Community campus; the early bird gets to choose where to park.  Parking permits are no longer required for on-campus parking. However, students still find it difficult to secure a parking spot with or without the once necessary permits.
The South parking lot located by the Theatre, Arts, Communications, and Technology classes, will be packed by the time of ten-thirty in the morning. Spots under the shade are the ones first taken and finding your car in these identical rows can be difficult.

Covered by the same metal awnings, these parking spots in the Southwest lot are numbered on the street’s pavement but not by rows.  There’s no signage and this can make it difficult for students to find their cars. Yesterday as I searched again for my vehicle I must’ve looked lost because another student walked by and laughed, “The daily struggle!” It seems I’m not the only one with the embarrassment of losing their car after class. One lot more difficult to cipher through than the Southwest lot is the Northwest lot.

Located by Grounds for Thought and the English building, the Northwest lot does not have shading but is an ideal spot for parking for those finishing their English classes or heading to the library.
This lot fills out earlier than most. A small lot, Northwest is in a great location but with limited space. Easier to find your car yet harder to claim a spot.  Another option if you want to park close to this area is the East Parking lot, which can be a bit more of a walk.  East Parking lot does have an advantage over the Southwest lot; signs. These signs are great markers for students with a busy day, trying to multi-task and finish their education.  Overall, the parking lots could use some improvement and organization to make life easier for students.

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