Attendees often mirrored impassioned calls for political change from the varying speakers present at the rally. (Photo by Monica D. Spencer)

Donald Trump rally held in Mesa on Oct. 6

Donald Trump held a rally at Legacy Sports Complex in Mesa, Arizona on Sunday to garner support from voters for Republican candidates Kari Lake and Blake Masters in the upcoming general election. 

The event saw the former president and both candidates express their beliefs against the Biden Administration and other Democratic incumbents. 

“You’re going to elect a truly amazing America-first Republican group,” Trump stated to the gathered crowd. “We’re going to end the crazy Nancy Pelosi’s political career once and for all.” 

Masters, a senate nominee for the Republican Party, took a strong stance against his opponent Mark Kelly and made note of a recent debate between the two candidates.

“We shouldn’t be that surprised that Senator Kelly struggled. I mean, he really struggled right?” Masters asked those in attendance. “If he wanted a better debate, maybe he should have thought twice before voting as a rubber stamp every single time for Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer’s failed agenda.”

Kari Lake, a candidate for Arizona governor, also took aim at her opponent, the current secretary of state Katie Hobbs. 

“I’m running against someone who I swear she’s on vacation,” Lake claimed. “She’s taking a page out of her idol, Joe Biden’s playbook.” 

The state of education in Arizona was heavily emphasized within Lake’s speech as well, with the candidate stating that “we want our kids to get a real education, not an indoctrination… We want to replace the woke garbage with common sense.” 

Many in attendance found common ground with Lake’s view on education. One attendee, Janelle Mason, believes the indoctrination of students to be an important issue in the state.

“It used to be school was for reading, writing and arithmetic. Now it’s socialism classes and this class and that class,” Mason claimed. “I don’t think those things shouldn’t be known, but they shouldn’t be in the mandatory classes.” 

Trump continued to perpetuate false claims of election fraud, initially made after Biden was elected in November of 2020.

“They [Democrats] don’t know what the hell they’re doing except when it comes to cheating in elections, they’re very good at that,” said Trump.

The former president also worked to d challenge media outlets covering the event and made note of their presence during his speech. 

“Once we get critical of them [the media], you’ll see the cameras turn off and they’ll start to head out. Hopefully that will be quickly,” the 45th president stated, followed by laughter from those in attendance. 

Majorie Taylor Greene, a current member of the House of Representatives representing Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, spoke at the event as well. 

Taylor Greene, removed from her committee assignments in Feb. 2021 after her perpetuation of political conspiracy theories and instigation of violence against Democratic leaders, spoke against Democrats under the Biden Administration.

“Under Republicans we will take back our country from the communists who have stolen it,” Taylor Greene stated. “The future under Democrats is America last, filled with woke Marxism, economic failure, and never-ending foreign wars.” 

The general election will take place on Nov. 8, 2022 and will see Masters and Lake amongst those on the ballot for their respective positions.

To learn more about how and where to vote in Maricopa county, as well as the new “vote anywhere” initiative, check here.

  • Seth Standage

    Seth Standage is a writer for the Mesa Legend and had his first story published in September of 2022. He is an ASU alumni and has a passion for covering politics within Arizona.

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