The Madrigal family from “Encanto” (Photo courtesy of Disney Pixar)

EdRising hosts outdoor movie night at MCC

Mesa Community College club EdRising has partnered with Student Life and Leadership for the first time to bring the MCC students and community together for an outdoor movie night on April 22 on the theater lawn. 

The hope is to reconnect and celebrate the clubs on campus. 

“Let’s bring it back to who we are as a community because we have been separated and fractured for so long,” said education department faculty member Beth Alsen.

The event is, “all about the family, the community, the children, and trying to support our students and it’s been a hard time the last year and a half so we thought this was really important for us to do,” said Alsen. 

The goal in hosting this event is to also get more engagement and support with their club. 

“We wanted to create events that would engage people with our club but also to celebrate our club,” said EdRising President Mitchell Law. 

EdRising is a national organization among educators, however it has been inactive at MCC in the last few years due to the onset of the pandemic and an inability to find faculty advisors. 

“I think being EdRising club we’re looking at future educators and as we know through the pandemic and coming out of the pandemic education has been the forefront of a lot of issues that has been going on and we want a positive light on education and get people involved in education in a positive way,” said mathematics faculty member Roxanne Klassen. 

The movie that will be showing is Disney’s Encanto. 

“I think we chose Encanto because it’s a new movie and maybe would draw more people… and of course with us being a Hispanic serving institution it is even a greater draw into diversity,” said Klassen. 

Along with the movie being shown, there will also be activities for kids to enjoy that are Encanto themed. Food trucks will also be present for those attending.

As this will be the first big event EdRising has hosted, their hope is to host  many more events like this in future semesters. 

“I think we are trying to test the waters a little bit because it is our first time doing something like this, but if it is successful and works out well I think we will try to do this every single year or something to this size,” said Law. 

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