Shineka Clay (left) and Vicente Ortiz (right) at Thunderbird Wellness Fair. (Photo courtesy Beth Ann Wright/MCC)

Full student government board returns to MCC

Mesa Community College’s student government has a new full executive board after only having two officers during the Summer of 2021. There are five members on the executive board, which has not been full since the onset of COVID-19. 

One of the bigger reasons as to why they did not have a full executive board was due to the shift toward virtual communications the pandemic brought to campus. During this time, most clubs were on pause.

“COVID has really thrown a wrench in how we have been doing student government,” said Associated Students of Mesa Community College Advisor Beth Ann Wright. 

With students only being virtual during the pandemic, it was harder for them to participate in clubs and gain leadership opportunities. Unfortunately, these are some of the things ASMCC likes to see on their prospective members’ applications. 

With that being said, most students do not have much knowledge of what the student senate or government is. It is a place where all students are welcomed to learn and get more involved on campus. 

“The hardest thing we came across was obviously getting the students, but why should they get involved and I think that has been our mission this year is making sure that students belong first and feel like they belong,” said Student Body President Vicente Ortiz. 

The mission for student government is making sure the students of MCC are involved and feel like they belong on campus. Knowing what the student senate and government are goes a long way in ensuring all students are knowledgeable on what they do. 

“Student senate is a place where we have senators from each club come and share events that are going around campus, some issues that they want to resolve, or anything they want to bring to attention. So we can make this campus better,” said Ortiz. 

Allowing students a safe place where they know they will be heard is an important aspect of what ASMCC does for campus. 

Another way the student government gives back to students is with food vouchers, especially for students who are in need and want a warm meal. 

Executive Vice President Shineka Clay volunteering at We Care Wednesday. (Photo courtesy Beth Ann Wright/MCC)

“Students are able to come to the Student Life and Leadership office right now and they can get two food vouchers per month that they can use to go to the cafeteria and purchase a ten dollar meal. It’s a one time use,” said Wright. 

With this being the first full executive board, elections are coming up for next year. There will be elections held at both campuses, Red Mountain and Southern and Dobson. 

“Next week on the 28th, we are going to release all of the information for students that are interested,” Wright stated. “We’re going to spend about a couple weeks for students to send in their information then get the debate going. The actual elections will be on the 6th and 7th of April.”

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