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Job hunters, MCC career services is the advantage

Mari DeSanto
MesaCC Legend

First stop of a job search should be the career services on campus. They provide information and measure skills, a clear advantage to a job search.  “One of the things that makes us unique, is that everybody in here have also been academic advisors,” Adele Scherotter, a student service specialist, said. “So, while we’re helping you find jobs and helping you pick a career, we can also tell you what educational pathway you would need.”  The career services are for students and the community. Job searchers learn what basics to look for, to find the right job and specialists to guide them through this process. A part of this process is to take two types of assessments, interest and value. The results help to figure out skills and interests. Then applicants are matched up with a job or different careers.

These specialists can help create a resume or revise one to target specific jobs.  “To make you that strong marketing tool, we do mock interviews as well,” Scherotter said.  The specialists at the career services also helps students obtain an internship. This allows students to find out what they like and don’t like, said Scherotter Various types of employers and organizations contact the MCC career service to interview for interns, said Scherotter. Career services also hosts job fairs twice a year on campus. At least 40 local employers, attend the event and some will interview you then and there.  If you don’t have time to go to the career services for that personal touch, there are several on line options. Just go to their website and explore the possibilities.

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