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Mesa Community College Fitness Centers offer memberships for all students and community members

Low-cost memberships, including all personal training, are now offered by the Mesa Community College fitness center at both campuses with a free week to try the fitness center services.

“We do have a free week guest pass if an individual wants to stop by the fitness center, we’ll give them a tour and if they’re not quite ready to decide if they want to do a membership yet, they can try the facility out for a week. Free,” said Wellness Fitness Supervisor Kelley Lafer.

MCC has two fitness centers, located at both Southern and Dobson and Red Mountain campuses. Both centers provide memberships for students, employees, and community members.

MCC Fitness Centers offer semester memberships as well as half-semester memberships. Half-semester memberships provide the member with access to half of the semester, either to start the semester and finish halfway through, or end the semester after starting at the halfway point.

“We have membership options for our students and it’s $50 per semester, which is about four months, and a half a semester membership is $25,” said Lafer. 

Information regarding the hours of operation for either campus can be found here.

“We do the same for community members. $60 a semester versus 30, and then we also have MCC employee memberships and their $25 a semester for benefited employees they have full access for both fitness centers,” added Lafer.

The MCC Fitness Centers are distinguished by their presence inside the college campus, which gives the opportunity for students and employees to do their exercises before, between, or after classes with a smaller number of members and faster access to exercise equipment. 

“You do not have to sign up for an enrollment fee, there are no contracts and there are no cancellation fees, so it’s straight you pay up their fitness center at your leisure,” said Lafer.

The MCC Fitness Centers are characterized by their clean facilities, fewer crowds compared to larger gyms, an abundance of sports equipment, and the presence of exercise specialists.

MCC Fitness Center membership allows members to get free personal training as well. 

The MCC Fitness Centers offer internship opportunities for students majoring in exercise science to work as personal trainers in the center. This helps those looking for training to find specialized trainers with scientific experience.

“If a student or member wants to get a program, our employees are all exercise science majors and they are ready and willing to help an individual start an exercises program and write up the details of the program whenever they want,” said Lafer
“As far as like references, a lot of people, they’re not familiar with a lot of equipment, but we have interns that are wanting to help you,” said Jose Arredondo, an intern at the fitness center at the Southern and Dobson campus.

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