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Mesa Community College offers students 24/7 online tutoring

Mesa Community College is offering 24/7 online tutoring, as well as tutoring during office hours in person in the Learning Enhancement Center with no need for appointments.

The LEC offers more than eight subjects at the two campuses, Southern Dobson and Red Mountain. Also, the LEC offers free walk-in tutoring for writing, reading, and English as a Second Language at the Academic Skills Center.

Virtual tutoring is available for current MCC students only. 

“At The Learning Enhancement Center we provide free tutoring and academic learning resources for all MCC students through the semester in different locations on campus and online,” said Ivette Cerda, instructional service supervisor at the LEC.

The LEC’s Elsner Center is a tutoring center for Japanese and Spanish language students. 

“In the library, you can also find the Elsner Center, where we provide tutoring for Japanese and Spanish; these are the only two subjects that the students need to schedule appointments ahead of time, but if there is no appointment, students can drop- in as well,” said Cerda 

MCC students can access free online tutoring 24/7 via Brainfuse Online Tutoring. Brainfuse offers ten hours of prepaid online tutoring in multiple sessions throughout the semester.

The Thunderbird Tech Studio is another one of the LEC’s services. It is a special center to help MCC students who are using technology for class participation and course assignments, as well as help students who face technical issues hindering online learning.

“Right now, we are providing help with iPads, there is a new initiative, some classes are going to use iPads,” said Cerda.

The LEC also offers virtual and in person tutoring for biology, life science courses, and nursing.

“The great thing about our bio labs is that we also have anatomical models there, so students can go and get the resources that they need to study as well as microscopes,” Ivette Cerda, said.

The LEC also offers job opportunities to students as embedded tutors in LEC-affiliated centers. 

“I am an ESL embedded tutor in the Learning Enhancement Center because I had the same experience,” Saud Alarifi, an international student and an embedded tutor in ESL classes at MCC.

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