Team Tennis and Team Birds Nest taking a final photo with their medals after the tournament on April 5, 2023. (Photo by Adam Terro)

Mesa Community College student government organize dodgeball tournament

The Associated Students of Mesa Community College Southern and Dobson branch hosted a dodgeball tournament on campus at MCC on Wednesday, April 5 as their first event of the semester.

The tournament was organized by the student government association with the help of members of Student Life.

Student Life had organized a similar tournament in previous semesters. 

DaShawn Hudgins, president of ASMCC, thought it was a good opportunity for his organization to do something similar.

Student Life helped guide Hudgins throughout the planning process, offering advice as details needed to be organized.

“My vice president of operations Florian helped me talk to John [Mulhern] and set up moving it from the small gym to the big one, and we were pretty excited,” said Hudgins.

The tournament was catered with food and beverage, as there were Portillo’s plant-based hot dogs, Raising Cane’s chicken fingers, and water bottles as well as energy drinks.

ASMCC used a portion of their budgeting for events to ensure there were refreshments for those who attended, free of charge.

A total of six teams participated in the tournament, with gold, silver, and bronze medals being awarded for first, second, and third place respectively.

The live DJ program at MCC was well represented, as they entered as a team into the tournament, while others were stationed at the DJ booth playing music throughout the tournament.

Another team in the tournament was Team Mushroom Bros., a group of entrants dressed as Mario Brothers characters including Mario, Luigi, Toadette, and Peach.

The tournament began with preliminary matches between teams to determine who would make the four team quarterfinal round. 

After the initial preliminary matches, Team Tennis advanced to play Team Mecha in a best two out of three round in the quarterfinals.

Team Tennis was composed of members of the MCC tennis team, with participants coming from practice earlier in the day.

Only two members of Team Tennis were present during the preliminary round, so they had to take on their opponent two versus six.

Team Tennis vs. Team ISO in a two versus six preliminary match on April 5, 2023. (Photo by Adam Terro)

Team ISO took on Team Birds Nest in the other quarterfinal round in a best two out of three format.

Team Tennis and Birds Nest advanced to play in the championship round, while Team Mecha took on ISO for bronze medal placement.

Team tennis were ultimately the victors of the tournament, taking gold.

“Pretty confident. I mean, it was just me and Cade at the start and we played one of the teams 2v6 and we won that,” said Harry Browning, member of the tennis team, when asked about how confident he felt going through the tournament. 

The tournament is viewed as a success by ASMCC, and the organization hopes to continue with similar events in the future.

ASMCC is organizing a Pow Wow to be held on campus at MCC on Saturday, April 8 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. 

  • Adam Terro

    Adam Terro is the Sports Editor for the Mesa Legend. He joined the staff in January 2021 and first published with the Legend in fall 2020. His passion is for sports, specifically football and basketball.

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