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Moonfall movie review

“Moonfall” is a new, predictable, but still decently entertaining SciFi apocalypse drama. It combines multiple end of the world tropes with impressive visual effects. Despite having an all-star cast of talented actors, the film’s likeness to other apocalypse movies makes the film averagely entertaining. A trio of astronauts and scientists are determined to save the planet when the moon mysteriously comes out of orbit and is doomed to crash into Earth.  

The film stars Patrick Wilson as a washed up astronaut who sued NASA after a mission had gone fatally wrong, Halle Berry as a headstrong mother and astronaut, and John Bradley as a nobody scientist who makes the earth-shattering discovery about a change in the moon’s orbit. 

With very little time left before the end of the world, NASA and other international space organizations are forced to make plans to try and fix the orbit. They soon discover what is driving the moon to impossibly come out of orbit. As the moon gets closer, it causes significant disruptions in the tides and gravity on Earth. The trio band together to try and save the planet. They have one chance, and only that. 

“Moonfall” is entirely predictable for the most part. There are very few scenes where you don’t predict the outcome correctly. With a lack of spontaneity and twists, it did not stand out from any other end of the world movie that came before it. The screenwriter and director of the film, Roland Emmerich, has made several of these types of movies, including “Independence Day” and “The Day After Tomorrow,” but “Moonfall” is too generic and formulated.  

The main actors give subpar performances, but it wasn’t the worst acting. The characters are likable and resonate with different aspects of their lives and relationships. I liked the characters, but I did not love them. I wanted more from them. However, squeezing brilliant character arcs and profound emotional moments is hard when the film is action-packed and chaotic.  

It’s not the type of movie that will win awards or pull at your heartstrings because of a deeper meaning. The film is more for the visual elements and mind-numbing enjoyment. “Moonfall” lacks originality, but it keeps you entertained by the way it is paced. 

As a whole, the movie is nothing more than an average apocalypse movie. The pacing and the complex visual effects save it from being less than mediocre, but it still is flawed. Any sci-fi and action movie fan would gladly enjoy it, but it is not unique and lacks  originality. Check out your local movie theaters to go see “Moonfall.”

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