Review: Humans of New York

By: Julija Kaselyte

Humans of New York is a blog created and run by photographer Brandon Stanton.

He wanders the streets of New York City taking photos of random people while asking about their lives, inspirations, goals, regrets and anything that comes to his mind. It sounds like a simple blog that anyone could create, but there is something special about all those quotes from the diverse audience.

It is not just people who consider themselves true New Yorkers. It can be anyone from around the world who came to the Big Apple.

Stanton has millions of followers on his social media networks and “Hu- mans of New York” has even crossed over as a book which became a best- seller dull.

The Humans of New York website is updated daily and is a perfect way to seek inspiration from other people, relate to one of them, or just brighten a bad moment.

Inspired by Stanton, we asked students at MCC similar questions featured on the Humans of New York blog.

The result was cooler than expect- ed. MCC Supply chain Management major, Majed Almajed shared his experience traveling to study abroad in the United States

“I’m from Saudi Arabia. I have been here for a year. There is more freedom here than there is at home,” said Almajed.” There are a lot of things you can’t do. You can’t drink or party.” Almajed said his experience in the United States was a great opportunity. “I call it ‘life’. The best time you are going to have in your life, so you have

Everyone’s story featured on the blog or the book is unique and never to spend it in a place that you like,” Almajed said.

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