Arizona Mills revamps food court, improves food quality

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By: Skylar Betancourt

For years since inception,

the Arizona Mills Mall has been associated with a very distinct food court: wide surface area, less than a dozen eating options, and a children’s play area.

After two years and millions

of dollars, the food court, now designated as the Food Hall by Villa, has experienced a dramatic overhaul, featuring over 13,000 square feet

of almost completely new

“The point was to make the food fresher with the price point the same, but with better quality food.” The changes are also not exclusive to the mall. “Eventually, popular retailers such as Hot Topic and Express Clothing will

finally be added to the mall as well. We hope to revitalize the mall back to its heyday.”

In addition to the new retail stores success. “We went through

pure beef, shakes fries and more.

Church’s Chicken is known for their homemade fried chicken, freshly made biscuits and sides like coleslaw,

mashed potatoes and more.

Villa Italian Kitchen, which was also previously featured

in the food court prior to the update, has now experienced an entirely new setup. Villa Italian Kitchen has all new seating arrangement, secluded

from the food court itself, as well as new menu options like wine and beer.

offers freshly-prepared cheese

steaks and fries. Additionally, South Philly offers wings, chicken cheese steaks and more.

Far East Asian Fire serves authentic Chinese food, which includes stir-fry and offers sriracha as hot sauce.

Sukotto Japanese Grill offers authentic Japanese grill food, with their most popular dish being chicken teriyaki. Sushi

and more is offered there as well. Tinta Mexican Grill, which is developed by Silvana

Esparza, one of the former main franchises, and with over 14,000 square feet of renovated seating areas.

The purpose of the major renovation was to give the food court a more modern

look; Instead of offering Panda Express, what is offered is Far East Asian Fire. “We intend

to make the new food court a destination rather than an option,” said Michael Kemble, Food Hall General Manager.

planned, the mall will also

experience a new color scheme in paint all throughout the mall. “We wanted to fulfill our actual demographic, but while also bringing a new clientele,” said Alexis Ceballos, an Arizona Mills H.R. representative, as well as regular customer of Sukotto Japanese Grill.

After only a few weeks of the grand opening, the food court has experienced much

much competitive analysis,” Kemble said. “So far, we’ve seen an improvement in traffic and an increase in sales.”

The Food Hall by Villa currently offers 10 different restaurants, with one being a completely revamped version.

Mo’ Burger, which is actually exclusive to the states of Pennsylvania and Arizona, is a “fast casual” restaurant which serves burgers with 100 percent

Bananas Smoothies

& Frozen Yogurt is an establishment that specializes in healthy cold or frozen treats. All dairy products are non-fat, while all other ingredients are real and fresh fruit.

Green Leaf’s Beyond Great Salad functions similarly to that of Subway, in that the customer creates their own salad and watches it form.

South Philly Steaks & Fries

chefs at Barrio Queen, features

Mexican food such as burritos and tacos.

The new renovations of the Arizona Mills Mall is an indication of new updates all throughout malls in Arizona. More developments are being planned, not only for AZ Mills, but for other malls as well.


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