Record rainfall has lasting consequences for Arizona residents


FLOODPIC!By: Ryan Scott

Arizona residents recently experienced the single wettest day on record and even though the rain has long subsided, the damage has been done and many will

be dealing with the consequences of the storm for the foreseeable future.

According to the numbers recorded at Sky Harbor International Airport, the Valley saw more than three inches of rain on Sept. 8. According to U.S. Climate Data, the average annual rainfall for the state of Arizona is just over eight inches total.

“I got on the freeway and could barely see in front of me with my windshield wipers on full blast,” said Gateway Community College student. Deanna Ippolito. “I thought … I’m going to be late for work. And then I thought of all the different scenarios of my death in a car accident in the pouring rain.”

Ippolito said she was more than 30 minutes late for work and after the hassle of getting there, she was shortly sent home and lost out on overtime pay that she was counting on.

The rain was so heavy that many businesses and institutions were forced to close for the day including all MCC campuses.

“Due to weather, all MCC classes at all locations are cancelled today, Sept. 8 and MCC campuses are closed,” read an email sent to all MCC students.

Many homes were flooded during the storm and many homeowners will be out of luck when it comes to getting their homes repaired and their property replaced. As it turns out, most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover flood damages, as that is typically

an additional form of coverage that policy holders can opt in or out of.

“I’ve seen some pretty significant damage, but this is by far the most widespread,” said Henry Lizano, a senior claims adjuster for a major insurance provider in Arizona. Lizano has been working for two years in the industry and said that even though he has seen very significant damage on a case by case basis, the amount of damage done by this storm overall is surprising.

“It’s (flood insurance) a niche thing where we live,” Lizano said. “Your claims adjusters are here to help you in any way

we can even if we have to tell you that they can’t cover your claim.”

For those who do end up needing to get repairs done on their own dime, Lizano did offer some advice.

“If you need repairs done, get

them done by people you seek out, not people that seek you out … get multiple estimates,” Lizano said. He added that anyone that seeks you out is usually desperate and aren’t usually the best resource for getting the work done.

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