College debt helps students prepare for the future

Kian Hagerman
Mesa Legend

kianhThose enrolled in college accrue massive amounts of debt, and this is great preparation for their futureTuition debt teaches one how to manage money in situations where one is barely staying current on bills.  Abject poverty sharpens the mind, enhances the senses’ ability to detect opportunity. Living off ramen and tap water while working towards advancing a career is better than the alternative; living off ramen and tap water while flipping burgers at a fast food spot. The large amount of debt that schools provide these days for their attendees, along with the low monthly payments that most students opt for mean plenty of time to enjoy the benefits of debt.

wallet_bnwFor years to come, graduates and dropouts alike will see their investment in bettering themselves payoff, with the good credit score they can establish as they pay off their loans. Nothing makes the companies that keep track of your credit rating happier than timely payments on money owed; nothing except perhaps when one checks their credit score, lowering said score as a result. Finding oneself unable to pay also expands the vistas of one’s life experiences. The laws that are in place regarding student loans, which prevent the debt from being absolved or avoided in any way, are there to make sure students don’t miss out on all the fun.

Life on the streets isn’t so bad; a person can truly distill expenses down to the bare essentials when wages are garnished. All a person really needs is a bit of food and water and a gym membership for access to showers and workout equipment to stay fit and ready to be hired for that next job to keep paying that money back. Thriving may seem superior to surviving, but the grass is always greener clearly applies in this case.

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