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Maricopa County elections department to hold presentation for civic action hour at Mesa Community College

Experts from the Maricopa County elections department will host a virtual meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 6 for Mesa Community College students to expand their voting knowledge in the county.

The meeting, held over Zoom, is part of the Center for Community and Civic Engagement’s Civic Action Hour that will be held throughout the semester, focusing on different topics each week.

The meeting will go in depth about voting in Maricopa County. The speakers will discuss a wide range of topics including voting options and election resources, ways for citizens to get involved in the election process, and why there is such a large interest in Maricopa County elections.

“They will know how Maricopa County Elections provides safe, secure, and accurate ways in which to vote, whether early by mail, early in person, or in person on Election Day,” said Voter Outreach Manager, Betty Galanter. “In addition to understanding more about Maricopa County Elections and ways to vote they will find out how they can get involved in elections as a paid election or poll worker.”

With a large upcoming election, the elections department hopes to educate current and future voters on the process of voting within Maricopa County, as well as encourage students to get involved to learn more about election processes to better understand how they are conducted.

The Civic Action Hour is an event that gives students at MCC the chance to engage with subject matter experts on specific and relevant community topics.

“That hour just provides the space for speakers who are approved community partners to come in and discuss any topic that might be relevant to students, society, education, and anything that might impact a student’s life,” said Bernice Belmonte, the Director for the CCCE.

  The CCCE continues to work toward providing students with leadership and volunteer opportunities within their local community to help get them involved in issues that matter to them. 

“Eventually what we want for the CCCE is to be the hub of volunteer opportunities, community engaged students, community engaged faculty, and a holistic immersion into the community of Mesa, and generally, the county, the state, and other cities,” said Belmonte. Civic Action Hour will be held virtually every Wednesday from 12:00 p.m.- 1:00 p.m. The Zoom link can be found on the MCC website.

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