Mesa Mayor John Giles announces at the State of the City address on Feb. 13, 2024 that the Mesa College Promise program will expand to offer adult learners free tuition at Mesa Community College. (Photo courtesy of the city of Mesa)

Mesa College Promise opens free college applications for adults

The Mesa College Promise, which gives high school students free tuition to Mesa Community College, expanded its scope on Feb. 13 to include adult learners and share the resources of the program.

Mesa Mayor John Giles, made the announcement at Mesa’s 2024 State of the City address to celebrate the ongoing Mesa College Promise and its commitment to making a college education more accessible.

“Taking the leap from high school to a career path or further education is not always direct or easy, but (the city of) Mesa has a legacy of building those pathways,” said Giles at the address.

In 2020, the city of Mesa partnered with MCC to bring two years of free tuition to Mesa adjacent high school students who were about to graduate and might not otherwise be able to attend college.

“The Mesa College Promise provides financial support to students with demonstrated financial needs but who have not received enough federal student aid (FAFSA) funds or other scholarship resources to completely cover the cost of tuition,” wrote Celina Salinas of MCC recruitment in an announcement to employees.

Mayor Giles referred to the MCC success story of Lily Hernandez, who’s Mesa College Promise journey led her to pursue an Associates degree in construction management, and inspired her father to seek a college education at MCC.

“Lily’s dad is one of many adults in Mesa looking for opportunities to increase their job skills and credentials,” said Giles.

The first wave of applications for adult learners to the Mesa College Promise program would open on March 1 for the fall 2024 semester at MCC.

Adults qualified for Mesa College Promise must be at least 24-years-old, a city of Mesa resident with a high school diploma or GED, while also demonstrating the need for financial assistance and have no previous college experience, according to Salinas in the employee announcement.

Qualified adult learners would need to enroll in at least 6 credits hours at MCCclasses as a certificate or degree seeking student.

Mayor Giles made Mesa College Promise a key part of his educational goals for Arizona, welcoming First Lady Jill Biden last year to MCC’s Southern and Dobson campus to share a commitment to students in Mesa.

Giles announced at the address a $100,000 donation to Mesa College Promise from Google, who joined a growing list of partner organizations such as Apple, Boeing, SRP, and Verizon.

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