New Interim President

The position for Mesa Community College (MCC) President is now officially filled as Lori Berquam becomes Interim President starting Feb 1, 2020.

At the start of 2020, President Richard Haney announced his resignation to the college. As Berquam moves into the new role she reflects on the work Haney started, work she plans to continue as she takes over. 

“Dr. Haney has been an amazing leader for MCC. He has left big shoes to fill,” Berquam said. “His student focus is definitely something I am going to continue in the role as interim and work with our faculty and staff to continue pursuing and advancing guided pathways.”

Berquam looks at the new opportunity with a mix of nervous excitement and sorrow as MCC losses a leader she looked up to. However, as Berquam worked with Haney she gained more confidence in her leadership skills as well as MCC. 

“This is an amazing time at MCC, the staff and the faculty are ready to do the work to make this amazing campus even better,” Berquam said.

Moving into a new season of leadership, Berquam looks to a motivational phrase to encourage the MCC students to reach their goals. 

“Dream. Plan. Do. I want to inspire dreaming, I want us to aspire to a place where our students can dream. Dream about what they want to achieve in their lives, dream about what they want to become. Then we got to set a course to plan it,” Berquam said. “What’s the right way of doing it, the best way. How do we help our students achieve their dreams. Then we gotta do it, we got to roll up our sleeves and we got to do it.”

Berquam previous role was Executive Vice President at MCC. She will act as Interim President until the next MCC President is announced.

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