Photo by Kierra Sharman

Pet Adoption Fair at Mesa Public Library

The Mesa Public Library held its first pet adoption fair outside the main branch on Feb. 29.

The full day event included adoptions outdoors and fun activities inside the library. Youth services librarian Heather Nelsen, who helped set up the event, shared how the majority of the library’s staff own rescue pets and have a love for animals. 

Five local organizations set up tents and kennels with available dogs in hopes to find them homes. Within 14 minutes, papers began to be signed and dogs had new families. 

“Even if we don’t have any adoptions today, people have come back to the shelter and adopted because they’ve seen them here [adoption fairs]. Either way, I think it’s a success,” Pinal County Animal Care and Control kennel tech Sheryl Black said. 

Pinal County brought four dogs to the fair, three of which were pit bull mixes.While Arizona has no breed bans, pit bulls remain in shelters due to their reputation. At the start of February, concerns regarding the long standing pit bull ban in Denver surfaced as the mayor vetoed the repeal.

“I think it should be a case by case situation. Every dog is different; it doesn’t mean the breed is bad,” Black explained. 

Halo Rescue set up next to Pinal County with a team of volunteers and coordinators, bringing the largest number of dogs.

Volunteer and foster coordinator Cierra Lowder spoke on the acceptance of all breeds. “At our shelter we have all types of dogs, all different types of breeds, all different types of sizes. Everyone’s welcome.”

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, local shelters have closed to the public, including Halo Rescue.

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