Tennis star returns to play after dislocating knee

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Tennis star returns to play after dislocating knee

Ben Garcia

Thunderbird women’s tennis star Iman Alibrahim’s performance on the tennis court is far beyond her young age of 17. According to her coach Adam Cohen, last year when Alibrahim was 16 years old, she might have been “the youngest number one ever in Maricopa history”

This season has been one filled with ups and downs for the T-bird star.

Alibrahim’s hopes for the season starting out were high but an injury to her knee sidelined her for five weeks.

“I dislocated my knee . it’s the third time it happened,” Alibrahim said.

She went on to mention that on a scale of 0 to10, with 0 being the worst and 10 being the best, she would rank her performance this season so far at a “6 or 7.”

Alibrahim said that not only was the injury devastating physically but it also had a negative effect on her mentally.

At the last tennis match of the regular season, when Alibrahim was asked if she had recovered mentally from her injury, she was quick to say “No.”

Alibrahim’s outlook for the post season with regionals next on the schedule is to improve and get better every day.

Outside of tennis, Alibrahim can always enjoy a good book or a little extra study time. Although Alibrahim admits she’s no Jimi Hendrix, guitar is her musical instrument of choice to play.

Alibrahim’s tennis career after MCC is still uncertain, but one thing she for sure would like to do after MCC, whether she continues to play tennis or not, is to go to school and study in Chicago.

Iman was awarded the team MVP by her coach Adam Cohen on April, 27.

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