Alternative premium education outlets offer variety to learners

Sites where one can learn for far less than a traditional education

Kian Hagerman
Mesa CC Legend

There are a number of sites that offer the ability to learn skills from professionals, for a premium to interested consumers of education. Niche sites for specific professions and hobbies like music production and art can be found with a little effort and a search engine. There are a few though that offer a wide selection of content for those that perhaps wish to dabble in a number of pursuits and try their hand at learning a variety of topics from the creative to the business-oriented. Lynda and Skillshare are subscription-based, and for a recurring fee users can access any number of classes; the only limitation is one’s own time available to dedicate to learning.

Lynda offers a free trial period of 30 days with access to all courses available on the site so that one may assess if they will find value in what is on offer. Lynda is owned by Linkedin Corporation and is marketed as a learning solution for organizations looking to enhance the professional abilities of employees, though individuals are also able to access the site for a monthly fee. The basic subscription costs $19.99 a month which gives one unlimited access to course content through numerous devices like the computer, television and mobile devices. A premium subscription also grants the user the ability to download course content for offline viewing and access to project files to practice what they learn with. To find out more about Lynda visit www.lynda.com. Skillshare has a similar design and also offers trial access.

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