Business buying out our education

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Business buying out our education

Jeff Moses

With so much going on in this crazy world it seems sort of ridiculous students are asked to pick one topic and spend four or more years studying it in hopes of obtaining a magical piece of paper that will up your pay grade by a few dollars an hour.

The more time I spend in school the more I realize in many ways college acts not as a buffer toward the real world, but more like a 330 pound offensive lineman blocking students from seeing what’s really going on.

Our education system, to me at least, seems to be training a generation of people who don’t “produce” anything in the literal sense of the word, but are certainly willing and able consumers.

We go to school to get a degree, to get a get good job, to get a big house and lots of stuff. I’m sorry maybe I’m lost but where does my education fit in to that outline?

What about students who aren’t looking to “capitalize” on their skills and make a bunch of money, but just want to get better at something, or maybe become proficient at many things?

We already know that school is no place for a free thinker; most institutions of higher education come with strict codes of conduct as well as a curriculum that is not up for interpretation, but perhaps the education system’s affinity for stifling independent thought runs deeper than just a strict smoking policy and tedious homework.

No, the mind numbing drudgery that organized education has become is not an accident, a coincidence or a bi-product of efficiency. It is a purposeful indoctrination into  consumer culture.

It is one more distraction set forth by the major corporations to further mask their lordship over the American way of life.

The Arizona Business and Education Coalition is where “businesses are saying these are the kind of workers we need and then the education folks say ok we will try to educate our students to meet the needs of the businesses” according to Republican state Representative Debbie Lesko.

So let’s think about what this woman just said. OK, you scared yet? That’s right businesses are determining what we learn in school and not our educators!

I’m sure at one time schools were opened with the noblest of intentions, but the spirit of education has clearly become bastardized into the cause of distraction and indoctrination.

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