Couples bunking up, breaking up, making up

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Couples bunking up, breaking up, making up

Ashely Lawson

Living with a signicant other at such a young age can be very complicated.Many people find that not only is it emotionally difficult, but it also could usually end in a break up.

That’s why most people say wait until marriage or until one is seriously ready to move in together.

“I lived with my boyfriend for a year and after a while it just wasn’t fun anymore,” ASU student, Vanessa Paver said.

Paver said that her and her boyfriend met through school.

“We stopped doing fun things with our friends and I stopped getting that butterfly feeling of seeing him and that giddy feeling of picking me up for a date,” Paver said.

Paver and her boyfriend broke up before they moved out.

“It was really awkward, but now I’m living with my girlfriends and it’s awesome.” Paver said.

There are ups and downs when living with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but when making that big step, one should be prepared and already have weighed the consequences.

“Living with someone changes everything and I don’t think people put in a lot of thought of how sharing a life with someone changes everything,” ASU student, Landon Anderson said.

Anderson had lived with his boyfriend for three months after he decided it was a good time to break up and move out.

“I think couples who are together for a while, say, 6-12 months get this idea that since they already spend enough time together and share so much together, that living together will be all honkey dorey and everything will be the same,” Anderson said.

“But that’s not the case because in this instance, there is no means of escape if there’s a fight; there’s a huge shared responsibility that wasn’t there before and there’s a bigger chance for failure than there is for success,”

Anderson is hesitant to live with a significant other for awhile.

“People are so quick to live together,” Anderson said.

MCC student Charlotte Salazar feels the same as Anderson.

“I have been with my boyfriend for two years. I love him to death but I know that I’m still not ready to move in with him,” Salazar said.

“I think that when the time is right I will know if I am ready to take that next step with him. When that day comes I will be the happiest girl alive,” Salazar said.

There are some young people out there who wont move in with their boyfriend or girlfriend because they are afraid of the outcome.

“I’ve never lived with a girlfriend, I’ve refused to,” ASU student Gian Duran said.

“At this stage in our lives we require personal space and privacy to allow us to develop as people.

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