Food closet closure

Ryan J. Garner

“You’re a student and as one, you don’t really have any power,” were the words of Rochelle Foulk, one of the MCC students involved in the short-lived pilot program, “Maslow’s Emergency Food Closet”.

After receiving the green light from mentors during unofficial meetings involving various on-campus departments, Foulk set out to raise as much food for hungry MCC students as she could.

“It seemed like the more people I asked, the more I found everyone had the same idea; ‘people are hungry year-round, not just  Thanksgiving and Christmas.’ Everyone wants to give to charity on those days because it makes people feel good.

“…but there’s a demographic amongst students who are struggling with hunger right now.”

MCC psycholoy department residential faculty Ann Ewing provided a statement on Maslow’s Emergency Food Closet:

“The project was greeted with much student enthusiasm.  Approximately 650 nonperishable food items were donated…  As advisors, we felt that we had enough food to distribute for the remainder of the semester, so we have shut down collection but  will continue to distribute food until we run out. Next Fall, the Psi Beta Honor Society may revisit the idea again..”

Other school officials  refused  to comment in regards to the nature of the program’s closure. Remaining food to be distributed Fridays in room AD2.

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