Free clothes for MCC students

Sydney Ritter
MesaCC Legend

MCC will host a clothing swap for two weeks as part of a drive to help and meet the needs of students. MCC hosts clothing drives at least once a semester for students who want to donate their new and old clothing, in exchange for other clothing items. But the event is also available for students in need. This spring clothing drive starts Jan. 29 and will run for two weeks, finishing on Feb. 9. A station drop off has been created in the student center, near the student life and leadership room, so that students, faculty, and staff, as well as the surrounding community, can drop-off and pick any amount of clothing they wish to take with them. The event gathers all types of garments, from children’s apparel to professional outfits.

“It’s just a give or takes [system]. You can give, you can take, there are no questions asked. They’re just out there, there’s no one out there monitoring it. It’s all absolutely free,” said Associated Students of Mesa Community College (ASMCC) President Lorena Austin. “If we have a ton [of leftover clothing] we put the remainder in our food pantry, the Mesa Market. There’s always clothing items available there and those are always free, they don’t go against the items that you take from the market. Hygiene products and clothing items are always free.” The Mesa Market is MCC’s food pantry that includes clothing, toiletries, and food that ranges between small snacks and microwavable meals. Any MCC student with a school-issued ID is allowed to get 10 items a week from the food pantry.

Since MCC has been back in session, the Mesa Market has served a hundred MCC students. “Our students here really wanted to have a place where you could go if you needed something if something happened to your clothes at school and you needed a change of clothes you could come here and get it,” said Kris Bliss, Student Services director for Student Affairs at MCC. There is also a food pantry at the Red Mountain campus for students in the far east valley.  The Mesa Market is open for the students throughout the school year. Even if a student donates a few articles of clothing, the ASMCC will make sure it gets to a person in need whether it is picked up by a student, given to the Mesa Market or donated to a willing charity.

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