Halloween at MCC

Brian Bernadel and Sabrina Van Aken

Halloween is drawing near once again, and there are several different plans for what to do on the night of Oct. 31.” I’m going out on Saturday night instead of Sunday because of Monday morning classes,” said MCC freshman Robert Romano.

John Ho, another MCC student, stated he was planning to enjoy the holiday with his friends.

“I plan to go to a party with a friend. Maybe I’ll have a drink. It is my friend’s birthday party and a Halloween party as well,” Ho said.

With budgets tight this year, many students are going to be making their costumes, or buying them on sale.

Natalie Campbell stated she got her costume for more than half off.

“I’m going to be a pirate. I already bought my costume from Fascinations. Usually the costumes they have are like $50, but I got mine for only $15,” Campbell said.

She also stated she had no set plans for the holiday.

“I don’t already have (a plan) that I know of but I’m sure there will be plenty, and I will get a text message inviting me or find one on Facebook,” Campbell said.

Ted Sowards, an MCC student, stated he always waits till Halloween to decide what he is doing.

“I never decide till right before Halloween what I am going to be. I let the weather determine my costume. If it is cold then I will wear something elaborate, but if it is warm then I will wear something lighter,” Sowards said.

Robert Romano reminisced about his favorite childhood Halloween memory. “When I was little my favorite thing about Halloween used to be carving pumpkins with my family and going out trick or treating. Now that I am older, I like to go out, party with friends, have a good time and meet girls,” Romano said.

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