If you want to pack heat on campus, you are the problem

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If you want to pack heat on campus, you are the problem

Ryan Garner

I’m glad we still have a few administrators who aren’t fanatical gun-nuts that insist on turning our campus into some wild west third world shooting corral.

I’ll rephrase my sentiments in analogy: We’ve got an ant problem on campus. There are ants everywhere, and some of these ants are dangerous.

Frankly, If too many more ants start showing up, I don’t know if I’m going to feel that safe anymore. Because the more ants there are… Now, replace ‘ants’ with ‘guns’ and you’ll get it.

Yes. It’s dripping with sarcasm, because logic is a useless tool when trying to convince a gun owner that gun’s have a great role – back in their night stand.

I really feel like this is one of those pieces of legislature which strikes a crippling blow to the aesthetics of higher education.

We’ve been knocking on the door for years now when it comes to gun rights.

Well guess what. We live in America; one of only nine major world powers who declare to have possession of weapons of mass destruction.

So first, consider how the rest of the world feels being unarmed at the big gun fight? Our liberty is their oppression.

This self-righteous second amendment joke is getting old.

I love how we are at a campus that seems to care more about the danger of second hand smoke than of second hand bullets ripping through the flesh and bone of our student body.

Even in an absolutely ideal scenario where a student savior is around to “shoot back” at the perpetrator, there are no guarantees that their bullets will stop on target either.

I’m frustrated that no one ever asks us (read: the student body) before these horrible bills pass.

I don’t often express positive sentiments over school board decisions, but for once, their attempt to counter SB1474 and 1479 (the legislation behind the smokescreen of safety) are actually quite well thought out:

“…Additional people with weapons results in further chaos and carnage by delaying law enforcement’s ability to identify active shooters; furthermore, officers undergo continuous training to deal with an unpredictable active shooter.”

Fortunately the school board is on our side here, but we need to keep speaking out against this because SB1479 is actually an anti-bill. Meaning, it will legally restrict future opposition.

Sounds like, “Tag, your it, no tag backs.” Except this time we’ll be getting ‘tagged’ with bullets.


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