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A new chicken and waffles joint has opened on the East side of the Valley near ASU.  Located in Tempe, on Apache Drive between Rural Road and Dorsey Lane, Jorge’s Chicken and Waffles offers a southwest twist on the traditional soul food fare.  While the new breakfast spot sticks with the jazz era aesthetics from which the modern chicken and waffles dish first appeared, Jorge’s spices it up with appetizers like Shrimp Ceviche and Carne Asada Fries, along with burrito and taco plates.

Jorge’s also serves traditional breakfast and lunch plates like scrambles, hamburgers, salads, and patty melts.  The Chicken Waffle Cone is a novelty appetizer which pairs chicken and jalapeño coleslaw within a waffle cone.  Delightfully, the coleslaw’s subtle kick couples well with the sweet cone and hearty chicken.

Jorge’s combination of soul food and Mexican dishes adds a bit of homegrown comfort to the heavily populated college area.  “I enjoy the culture the restaurant is reinforcing in Tempe,” said Joseph Hoxie, customer of Jorge’s Chicken and Waffles. “That is, I enjoy the jazz ambiance as well as the good food, drink, and awesome employees.”

The restaurant and bar is set to be an after night eatery to accommodate the late night party crowd.  Portraits of jazz icons and records hang from the walls within Jorge’s, while hip-hop and top 40 blast from the speakers, adding to the retro-modern atmosphere.

The menu itself is diverse, and even refreshing, but it’s also a little pricey.  “The food is good, but it is overpriced compared to competitors,” said patron, Jessica Schwanbeck.  The prices might be a bit steep for the area, ($11.99 for the basic chicken and waffle dish), but overall, the soul food-Mexican food fusion at Jorge’s is worth a try.For more information visit jorgeschickenandwaffles.com or call 480-787-5370.


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