Learning Enhancement Center offers help to students

Monica Vainauskas

hancement Center gets over 24,000 students who come in for academic support.Many students who are new to the campus might not know that MCC offers a total of nine free academic support services for just about every subject, all in which are completely free.

The Learning Enhancement Center has a lot to offer, helping students reach their highest potential, whether it’s free tutoring or just a quiet comfortable setting where students could can and study.

Sarah Henderson, the director of MCC’s Learning Enhancement Center said that students are welcome to come to study or work in study groups, plus there’s always a tutor that’s available to answer any questions.

“We have several different kinds of tutors,” Henderson said. “Student tutors, who have taken the courses they tutor and have done well in, professional tutors with Bachelor’s degrees, and adjunct instructor tutors who have a Master’s degree in the field and college teaching experience.”

Individual and group appointments are available for students, along with online tutoring which is also free.

Beginning August 29, online math tutoring will be available for students even on weekends, where students will be able to check into a chatroom and work with an MCC math tutor.

Because of these free of charge services, Henderson explained how many of MCC’s college students take great advantage of it.

“Many students take advantage of our services.” Henderson said. “The numbers are definitely growing, and we are here to help students succeed.”

Students such as Wendell Nadal said that when he went in for tutoring it really help him improve in one of his classes.

“I managed to raise my grade from a C to a B for my CHM 131 class,” Nadal said.

“It’s best to do it in the beginning and not wait till your grades are low to seek help.” For more information on how to access tutoring services, please stop by the Learning Enhancement Center in the Elsner Library Center, on the first floor of the library.

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