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Be the change that you want to see

Illustration by Sebastian Miguel

It seems in our present day it is becoming very common for a lot of our peers to have a life verse that either says “my attitude is determined by the way you treat me” or “I will push out of my life those who are haters and love those who love me.”  Although this may sound promising and a healthy way of producing a pleasant, stress-free life, not many realize how destructive it can still be.If we only respect those who respect us, then what do we gain by doing so?

Abraham Lincoln once said “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”  When we begin to push out of our lives those who we have quarrels with, all we do is stick the garbage in another room until the stench of arguments comes creeping through the crevices once again.  When we want to push the dark out of a room, we don’t hesitate to flip a light switch that drives out the darkness.

The same should be applied when in an argument.  Our gentle answer can drive out the bitterness and in turn fight in our stead. As it has been well said many times before: Never argue with a fool, someone watching may not be able to tell the difference between you two. History can teach us that sometimes the most seemingly foolish things in life are often the things that win the battle.

If we cannot do our part in making a difference, then we should stop expecting any kind of change in the behavior of others. We’ll stop being so surprised by blatant behavior.  Taking up the task of turning the other cheek can be easier said than done but until we realize the consequences of driving out unfinished quarrels with people, there can be no hope for change.

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