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Legend’s View:

Accountability. It’s a word that every college student should know the meaning of, but as it so happens, a lot of students act as if this isn’t the case.Getting an education is the only reason people should have for taking college classes. For those of us doing so, we know the importance of accountability and demonstrate so by tasks such as going to class on time and passing all classes.

As the summer begins, students who aren’t familiar with the word “accountability” should begin to more or less grow up. What summer means, for a lot of students, is something along the lines of being the exact opposite of accountable.

No classes, no teachers, no grades, no homework equals no accountability.

The no-accountability mindset might seem like all fun and games. But you know how the saying goes: It’s all fun until someone gets hurts.

In this case, the person getting hurt would be the student and the pain would be not doing well or even failing college courses that are not getting cheaper anytime soon.

Being accountable for your education is key to being successful. You could say that accountability and success go hand in hand.

Students will use every excuse from working to babysitting along with blaming everything else but themselves when homework doesn’t get done.

In actuality, most students choose not to utilize their time to their advantage.

School by no means is easy.

For some students, college will be the hardest thing in their lives up to that point.

The difficulty of it all makes for a joyful graduation, knowing that all the hard work of being accountable has paid off.

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