Manager turned hot dog purveyor battles student hunger

Aaron Rop

Susanne Arnold and Dana Burton have started selling their hot dogs at the Southern and Dobson campus of MCC since the spring 2011 semester, and, like the students who eat their food, they couldn’t be happier with how it’s worked out.”We’ve been very well-received and embraced by the student community as well as the staff and faculty,” Arnold said.

Arnold also has locations at the Red Mountain Campus of MCC and Glendale Community College North.

After working at the Red Mountain Campus for most of the fall 2010 semester, Arnold chose to come to the Southern and Dobson campus because of the large number of students and its potential for profit.

Before locating their stand near the Physical Science Building, Arnold worked in a number of management positions.

After 18 years, Arnold found out that she enjoyed selling hot dogs because it was more fun.

According to Burton, she really enjoys her job selling hot dogs, and she thinks MCC is a good environment to work at because there is a nice blend of people from everywhere who are trying to better themselves and get an education.

Before being hired by Arnold, Burton spent a great amount of time looking for work in a bad job market.

When she was hired, Burton said her job with Arnold was not what she anticipated at all.

She enjoys the task of providing food for hungry students while working as a team with Arnold.

“Working for and with good people is always, always better than dealing with people that don’t enjoy your company and probably don’t enjoy most (of) others’ company,” Burton said.

Burton said it is difficult that they are limited with what they can sell due to what they can purchase and reasonably bring to their location, but she said options are always available, though.

If the summer session at MCC warrants the profit and the logistics can be worked out, Arnold may sell ice cream at their location, according to Burton.

“I think that’s a great idea,” said Hassan Gureye, registered nursing major.

He also said he likes Arnold and Burton and thinks they have great customer service by welcoming students as soon as they walk up to the stand.

One problem Gureye does have, though, is their prices.

“I think they’re delicious, you know, but they’re highly expensive though. A little expensive,” he said.

But their prices haven’t blown students away like their tent had in the wind one Saturday afternoon before being saved by Public Safety.

“I wouldn’t know how to compare my sales to the vending machine or cafeteria, but I do a good business or, you know, I wouldn’t be here. This is my only job and it’s a living. I’m very happy with the way it’s working out,” Arnold said.

Erika BeDillon, MCC sophomore and judicial studies major, said it’s always busy when she walks by the Franks-A-Lot hot dog stand and other students have told her it’s really good.

Arnold and Burton open their hot dog stand from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Monday through Thursday, and a percentage of their sales go to MCC each month.

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