Martha McSally sits on a throne of lies

Sen. McSally has lied her way into power about voting for preexisting conditions, her stance on border security, and even Mark Kelly's own campaign. (Illustration by Casper Savoie).
Martha McSally is a lot of things: a former Air Force pilot, a politician, and a liar.

She has been in Congress since 2015, most recently as senator of Arizona. The thing is, she didn’t deserve that position. According to the election results in 2018, she lost the vote but was still awarded a seat.

What’s worse is that she is willing to lie to keep that seat. She said that she would ensure preexisting conditions would be covered by insurance. Yet in 2015 and 2017, ABC15 reported she repealed and voted against laws that would protect those with preexisting conditions. She also has stated since 2014 that the border was not secure and more needed to be done to prevent illegal immagration. Yet, when given the chance to support Trump’s border plans, according to PolitiFact, “she wasn’t sold on Trump’s plan to build a border wall” during a town hall meeting.

If that wasn’t bad enough, she’s trying dupe Arizona again. With this latest election, her time has been poured into slanderous ads against her opponent Mark Kelly. According to the HuffPost, Sen. McSally and the NRSC have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these ads. Just like her desperate and failed attempt in 2018, she’s lying up a storm to try to trick voters. She’s funded ads that claim Kelly wants to “defund the police,” yet Kelly, the son of two police officers, has only called for more transparency and accountability, as written by AZCentral.

Martha McSally also claims Mark Kelly has been stealing millions in taxpayer money by abusing the Paycheck Protection Program, but there’s a giant hole in that claim. According to PolitiFact, Kelly left the company in question before the U.S. was even hit by coronavirus. It’s just another example of how she’s willing to lie to the American people.

As an American myself, I refuse to let her swindle her way into power. Enough is enough.

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Savage Hess is the online editor for the Mesa Legend. He has published short stories in several anthologies and has worked as a web designer for the last year.

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