MCC alumni runs for U.S. House seat

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MCC alumni runs for U.S. House seat

Ben Garcia

A former MCC student is making a bid for Washington as he announced his candidacy for congressional district 5.
The Democrat, Spencer Morgan, started attending MCC in spring of 2008 when he moved to Arizona from Utah. Upon returning from a mission in Guatemala, he made an official announcement of his candidacy on April 25 at an event in front of family, friends and other supporters.
Morgan made the most of his time at MCC by getting involved in the school’s student government aka the Associated Students of Mesa Community College.
Morgan’s first roll with ASMCC was as vice president.
“After no one was elected to VP” Morgan said, “I interviewed for the position and got hired by then president Earl Gunter.”
After serving as vice president for a year, Morgan was elected president of ASMCC for the 2009-2010 school year and while serving as president, Morgan was able to implement some meaningful changes such as the ASMCC’s purpose and presence on campus.
When Morgan served as vice president, he said ASMCC was “in charge of planning certain events on campus” but he felt their purpose as a student government was not being served correctly saying, “ASMCC’s sole purpose is to represent the students.”
It was during Morgan’s presidency that he was able to get the ball rolling on a student government system that could work for MCC’s administration and more importantly, its’ students.
During his presidency, Morgan was also able to flatline tuition at a time when tuition increases were being implemented frequently.
Having a record of keeping tuition from increasing is a platform that Morgan will use to attract voters for  Arizona’s new congressional district 5.
Congressional districts in Arizona have been reconfigured to now include 9 districts, up one from previous years due to a population increase reflected in the latest census data collected.
David Schweikert is currently the congressman elceted to district 5 that includes the Fountain Hills and Scottsdale areas..
However, the new congressional district 5, which Morgan is in persuit of, now covers central to east Mesa, Gilbert and parts of Chandler and Queen Creek.

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