MCC attracts students with video game design classes

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MCC attracts students with video game design classes

Huan Vo

For those computer savvy students, MCC is now offering a wide array of classes in the area of Computer Information Systems. Students can learn about video game design or web development. “Our goal is to offer students degrees and certificates and to help them get into the industry through internships,” said Lo-An Tabar-Gaul, instructor in the Department of Business and Information Systems. “The eight new classes are new ways for us to achieve that goal.”

As the first school in the Maricopa County Community College District to offer a degree in game technology, MCC is catering to a new student demographic.

“The game technology program has become more mature since we started it 18 months ago,” said Burton Borlongan, an instructor in the department of Business and Information Systems.

Game Design

•CIS 130 DB 3D Studio Max: Animation, is a class that emphasizes character construction and animation using three-dimensional tools and principles.
•CIS 230 DA 3D Studio Max: Materials underlines creating and applying textures and materials to three-dimensional objects and environments using modeling techniques.
•CIS 251 Game Development Level II focuses on advanced object-oriented game development, advanced game design, and advanced game theory.

Web Development

MCC is also introducing three classes that qualify students for certifications from Certified Internet Web, a vendor-neutral certification program designed for web development professionals.
“CIW is a strong program that we’re glad we could offer to MCC students,” Tabar-Gaul said.
•CIS 133 DA Internet/Web Development Level I is a new class at the Red Mountain campus. It offers an introduction to Internet/Web communication, resource discovery, information retrieval tools and web page development.
•CIS 243 Internet/Web Development Level III introduces advanced techniques and tools to develop websites.
•CIS 284 Certified Internet Web Associate Certification

Preparation Course explains and implements Internet technologies, network infrastructure and protocols.


Students can also enroll in XML application and Microsoft SQL Server classes.
•CIS 234 XML Application Development utilizes XML to make document smarter and Web automation simpler and to communicate between databases.
•CIS 276 DB Microsoft SQL Server presents a broad overview of the Microsoft Structured Query Language Server database.

For more information visit the Business and Information Systems department or call at 480-461-7711.

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