MCC’s Performing Arts Center at MCC to open this fall


Michelle Chance, Kian Hagerman

On August 19, the convocation ceremony was held for the new Performing Arts Center (PAC) on the Southern and Dobson campus at MCC.

The 462 seat theater will be venue to a variety of events both private and open to the public.

“It will be a combination of music, music theater, dance and then other events like campus events,” said Alex Keen, Vending Manager for the Performing Arts Center. “Maybe in the future we might have some rentals.”


According to Marisa Estrada, coordinator of the theatre box office, the PAC will also be the new home for the music department as well as performing arts recitals.

“The music department will be in here sharing space, and the dance performance will be in here too,” Estrada said.

Sue Anne Lucius, chair of the music department and Performing Arts Center said that the completion on the construction of the PAC continues to be, “…A real labor of love.”

“I love it, and I can’t wait to see it finished,” Lucius said.

Jones Studio of Phoenix is the company responsible for designing and remodeling the PAC, which was the former Harkins Fiesta 5 movie theatre.

“The architecture design firm has done an amazing job, and all the faculty and staff who have been involved have done a phenomenal job,” Keen said.

The present building will also be updated to better accommodate people with disabilities.

“I love it, it’s going to be able to give our patrons much more room and more accessibility, for wheelchairs and so forth, than the older space,” Estrada said.

Overall, the PAC is expected to enhance the artistic experience on campus and provide an updated venue for performers.

“We’re really lucky to have it on the MCC campus,” Keen said. “I think it’s going to be a jewel here, something really special.”

According to the PAC website, (www.mccpac.com) the projected opening will be this fall. The groundbreaking event for the PAC will be held on Saturday, October 25 at the MCC Southern and Dobson campus.

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