Misuse of social networks defeat technology’s gains

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In today’s society, everybody is connected by an epidemic of social networking websites; it’s not like networking is anything new, but lately it seems to be getting out of hand.Most popular websites, Facebook and Twitter, have captured everyone from your little sister to the president of the United States.

On Twitter, posts are nothing but a condensed 140-character blurb, usually stating something trivial like, “I just got home and I’m tired,” which is probably not even worth the effort of posting.

People take the time out of each day to express to a band of followers what their day-to-day activities entail, uploading pictures to accomodate posts.

Personal lives are on such great display that even employers and schools are taking notice, and taking it into account.

The University of Arizona specifically employs one person to oversee sorority groups, watching over their every post, whether it be photos or status updates.

If the posts are considered inappropriate, they’re asked to remove them or it can lead to expulsion from the sorority.

Employers have been known to snoop around applicant’s Web Sites to find evidence of good or bad behavior.

It’s like a sickness affecting everyone, even on a political level.

Congressmen have been caught “tweeting” during congressional meetings.

Is their congressional meeting not more important than what they’re discussing of their personal life?

Less time should be spent on these trivial issues, and more on what’s really going on in the world around you.

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