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Amanda Savage

Registering for classes, applying for loans and paying tuition are among the many tasks at hand when beginning the school year. All of these claim to be simple tasks, but often seem to carry many burdens.

For those who have been graced with issues regarding their residency, tuition payment or class scheduling, have been sent to campus in hope to resolve their problem.

On campus, students are guided by a maze of handmade arrows and signs pointing to the general locations of their destinations throughout the campus.

“This is my first time here at the Dobson campus. For the last year I have been enrolled at Red Mountain, everything here unfamiliar to me,” said student Clint Richardson.

Conveniently, location places such as the Enrollment Center and Admissions office are not located closely to one another.

The back and forth traveling students are forced to take part in can become tedious, time consuming, and in weather ranging from 100 to 115 degrees, very tiresome and irritating.

Through many complaints, the new all inclusive Student Services Center has been created. Located in Building 38, it offers enrollment, admissions, residency, registration, advisement and self service assistance all in one spot.

This new development plans to not only aide students in making the basic tasks of creating schedules and paying tuition as simple as it should be, but will help bring together admissions and enrollment operations, to keep everyone on the same page.

Many students have had the issue of being given one explanation from one party, then a different explanation from another party, and seem to end up in a cycle of he said she said.

Arlene Deleon, who is part of the Admissions and Records Tech Support, has a positive outlook on the future of the new Enrollment Center.

She shared the same opinions on the issues and frustrations students have had going from one side of campus to the other, only to be told different things by the different services.

“Even though there is still somewhat of a separation between advisement and enrollment, I think it will be a good thing,” Deleon said.

Overall, students seem to be happy with the creation of the Student Services Center.

On location students did not wait long to be assisted, and were not forced to walk across campus if they ended up in the wrong spot. The staff acted as quickly as possible during this busy time.

New student, Wesley Haws, seemed satisfied with his in and out experience at the new enrollment center. “It was pretty easy, the signs are clear. I have never been here and had no problems, it was very fast and easy.

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