Off-road club offers beautiful AZ views

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Off-road club offers beautiful AZ views

Adriana Loya

The Adventure Off-Road Club provides a great way to explore the outdoors and take in some of Arizona’s famous scenery.   

“AORC is an association that is about providing organized events, getting off the paved highway to explore Arizona, and when needed, provide drivers with assistance on obstacles as we are on an adventure”, coordinator Ken Twichell said.  

AORC started five years ago in January 2007 by three off-road enthusiasts.  During the first years, AORC was mainly off-road adventures, but in 2012 camping trips and hikes were incorporated.

“I got excited about getting off the pavement and into the back roads of Arizona,” said Twichell. “I had recently purchased an off road vehicle and after attempting to get involved with the different Arizona clubs, I found it difficult to get a response.” That’s when he established the Adventure Off Road Club.

Twichell has done outdoor activities since he was a young boy.  

He remembers being a Boy Scout and going into the wild with “40 pound packs and hitting the trails.” This was one of his motivations and the purpose behind AORC.

“Every AORC adventure is pre-run and many times the trails have not been used for years which require us to trim back trees and bushes.  

“We try to keep the ‘pin-striping’ (the off-roading slang for scratching a vehicle against branches) down to a minimum for the AORC members,” Twichell said.

AORC is free of charge to join.

Twichell continued, “we could charge $25 to $35 a year, but the cost of billing and keeping track of who’s paid and who hasn’t would become a distraction to what AORC is all about; exploring the trails of Arizona.”

Adventures are once a month, and in many cases explore new trails each time.  “AORC tries to have events both on the East and West side of Arizona and when it’s hot we head to the Northern and far Eastern part of the State,” Twichell said.

Adventures range from four to eight hours and up to two days. Two examples would be:

A trail just about halfway to Payson that explores Sunflower mine crosses several creeks which run during the winter months and ends at a mine which is rather well preserved.

Sedona is always a great off road adventure.

The turnout rate has been slowly increasing over the past few years.

Last year’s turnout rate was an average of 11 cars, Twichell noted.  “On our first adventure for 2012, at the AORC Four Peaks adventure, there were 20 vehicles and over 40 people,” he continued.

Camping has been added to the events. “Some camping trips are a combination of off roading and camping while others are creek and lake camping and just enjoying the outdoors,” Twichell said.

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