Philosophy teacher racks up the laughs as stand up comic

Dominic DeCono

                Sometimes the class clown is not always a student.

                David Yount, head of the Philosophy department at MCC, is known for his fun style of teaching, but he also has another side that many students do not know about.

During the school day, Yount teaches about philosophy and the ways of Aristotle and Plato.

But at night, he hooks up the microphone and gives another lesson to his audience; in the form of comedy.

“I (am) always able to get people to laugh. After I got settled teaching, the idea of I can say whatever I want to say doing comedy sunk in and I wanted to try it,” he said.

After getting his Bachelors in Philosophy, Yount moved out to Hollywood to try out the music and comedy industry but found his niche teaching philosophy.

Jennifer Hess, a student at MCC and former student of Yount, said she was not surprised that he does comedy.

“He is a great teacher and he was always real funny. I can totally see him doing stand-up,” Hess said.

                Although Yount is not on the level of Chris Rock, Robin Williams or some of the most prolific comedians in the world today, he has performed at some of Arizona’s hottest comedy venues.

                “I got the chance to perform at the Tempe Improv in front over 300 people, and it was one of the scariest moments of my life. I had a lot of family and friends watching and I was nervous, but when I saw the video, I looked like I was really enjoying myself,” he said.

                Although some of the venues he performs at have cover charges, students can see Yount perform every week on Monday from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at the Cup of Karma coffee shop next to Cheba Hut.

                “It’s clean comedy so anyone can see it. It’s where I work out all of my jokes and it’s a nice local venue. It’s an open microphone so anybody can get up and perfrom,” Yount said.

                Not only have some of his students recognized his talent in comedy; his peers have as well.

                MCC Vice President of Academic Affairs Jim Mabry said Yount will represent the college at the Gala fundraiser on Feb. 2 at the Mesa Arts Center.




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